Sunday, January 24, 2010

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agou said...

Hello Kuassi,

Sorry I'm posting a question here. I'm trying to implement regular expressions using Java on Oracle 8i. However they are not supported by the built-in JVM 1.2 so I found an external jar (jakarta-regexp-1.2.jar). Is there a way to upload this jar without loadjava?

Kuassi Mensah said...

Hi Agou,

Unfortunately, loadjava in the only tool for loading existing Java classes and Jars in the Java VM in the database.
There must be a rationale bu i am just curious to know why you can't use loadjava?

agou said...

I don't have permissions to install Oracle Client 8. Plus, this client might also be deprecated.
Thank you for your replies.

Kuassi Mensah said...

You can invoke loadjava from within the database using DBMS_JAVA.loadjava() however the files to be loaded must reside on the server machine.

You'll get there.

John said...


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