Tuesday, August 01, 2006

Oracle Database Programming using Java and Web Services

This book is about Oracle database programming using Java and Web services. Foreword by Tom Kyte (html) (pdf)

This book is for database developers (DBA, PL/SQL developers, data architects), Java/JDBC/SQLJ developers, and Web services /SOA assemblers.

Through its 1085 pages, it furnishes a complete coverage of the following topics:
  • Java in the database: stored procedures as database programming model (rationale, obstacles to their adoption, languages for stores procedures, PL/SQL or Java?). Under the hood of the Java runtime in the database (design goals, architecture, memory management, security, threading, Java execution in the database, native compilation, etc). Examples of typical and atypical applications (SAP callout, JDBC callout, EJB callout, HTTP Callout), Excel-like expressions parser) using Java in the database. Mapping SQL and PL/SQL types to/from Java. Declaring Java stored procedures (Call Specs). Experimental examples of running JACL, JYTHON, SCHEME and GROOVY in the database using the Java runtime.
  • Oracle JDBC 10g: In depth coverage of the JDBC API specifications and Oracle implementation. Connection and connection services (Implicit Connection Caching). High-Availability in RAC environments (ONS, Fast Connection Failover, TAF) and scalability (Runtime Connection Load balancing in RAC environments). Statements and Oracle extensions (statement caching, DML batching). Manipulating Oracle data types with JDBC. Practical coverage of Result Sets and the various RowSet models (JSR-114) . Proxy Authentication, SSL encryption, end-to-end tracing, Logging, local/global Transactions, Security and best practices.
  • Oracle SQLJ 10g: Concise coverage of the SQLJ Language/API and Oracle implementation. Manipulating SQL and PL/SQL data types with SQLJ and contrasting with JDBC (interoperability, differences). Comprehensive coverage of Oracle datatypes mapping, and best practices.
  • JPublisher in Action: a practical coverage of a versatile tool that complements JDBC (and SQLJ) for accessing the Oracle database from Java. Automatic wrapping of PL/SQL packages as well as mapping complex/user-defined types to Java.
  • Database Web services: Introduction to Web services and SOA for DBAs. How to turn your Oracle database into a Web service consumer (call-out external Web services from within the database using SQL, PL/SQL, Java). How to turn your database into a Web services provider (exposing PL/SQL package into Web service as wellas SQL Query, AQ quques and operations, SQL Queries and DML, and Java in the database --using few mouse clik or a command line utility. How to add SOA services to database web services.

Here is the first chapter, the Table Of Content, the code samples at OTN and at the publisher's web site, and a reader's review.

Enjoy and pass on the buzz.