Tuesday, June 25, 2013

What's in Oracle Database 12c for Java?

Looking to exploit the new Oracle Multitenant Container Database with Java?
Have you ever needed to deploy Java applications with tens of thousands of concurrent users? If you are a Java architect, Java designer or wannabe looking to exploit new Oracle database 12c enhancements in the areas of performance, scalability, availability, security and manageability/ease-of-use, this is the paper for you.

 Have you ever experienced paying twice the same flight ticket, the same article or your taxes? Have you ever wanted the system to just deal with database failure and not ask you to restart your transaction from start? Upon database outages (hardware, software, network, or storage failure), four problems confront applications: hangs, errors handling, determining the outcome of in-flight work (i.e., last COMMIT), and the resubmission in-flight work.
If you are application developer, database and system administrator, integrator or ISV looking to better exploit Oracle RAC and Active Data Guard to achieve maximum application availability, this is the paper for you (although with a Java focus).