Tuesday, October 01, 2019

Java Development with Autonomous Transaction Processing Dedicated (ATP-D)

The Oracle Autonomous Transaction Processing Dedicated (ATP-D) is a database Cloud service which allows implementing a private database Cloud service running on dedicated Exadata Infrastructure within the Oracle Public Cloud. The goal of this blog article is to help you, Java developer or architect, build and deploy fast, scalable, and reliable Java applications with ATP-D, using plain Java, Java Servlets, or Java Microservices with WebLogic, Helidon, WebSphere, Liberty, Tomcat, WildFly (JBoss), Spring, and so on.

Please read the full blog post @ https://medium.com/oracledevs/java-development-with-autonomous-transaction-processing-dedicated-atp-d-f0355a2f9abd

Oracle JDBC drivers on Maven Central

At last!

Yes, you asked for it, and with some delay (better late than ..), we did it!
Maven Central becomes a distribution center for the Oracle JDBC drivers. We started with the latest release but will soon add previous and supported releases.
Read the full post @ https://medium.com/oracledevs/oracle-jdbc-drivers-on-maven-central-64fcf724d8b

Friday, August 09, 2019

OracleCode One 2019 - My Sessions Pick

OracleCode One 2019 is few weeks ahead and like many, you have not yet made up your mind on which sessions to attend or why attend?

Here is a selection of sessions that I highly recommend (full disclosure, I am involved in these sessions).

And you don't want to miss this exciting hands-on lab
See you there.